Happy Friday!

It’s a beautiful day in Seattle and it’s Friday: my day off. 🙂  This morning I slept in until 9:30!!! I’m doing some housework this morning, but hoping to get outside in the sunshine this afternoon. I’m sitting here listening to music and enjoying the first cup of coffee I’ve made for myself with the french press (this spoiled girl usually has her husband make the coffee).

Another week has flown by! Now I’m only 16 days away from my marathon! Starting to get the jittery excitement already. But I’m also a little nervous because I’ve been skipping some training lately. Mostly because I’ve been so stinking tired lately. Not sure if it’s from a medicine I take or something else, but I’m working with the doctor on it. I think we’ve ruled out anemia and she tested my thyroid again. Other than being tired so often and having a weak immune system I’m actually very healthy. 🙂 Oh and some more good news, I don’t seem to be having the asthma issues any more. The specialist thought it was vocal cord dysfunction which can be aggravated by certain things (like post nasal drip) which we are working on treating. I’ve been doing breathing exercises to work on “belly breathing” and “open throat breathing”  to build muscle memory and relax certain muscles while I’m exercising. It’s helping already and I’m excited about what this will do for my future sport events. Breathing better will help me go faster and farther and feel better. 🙂

I’ve sort of skipped 2 weeks of weight watchers now and may have gained a little weight. My scrubs at work are too tight. I know how badly I need to be dieting, but I’m really struggling with that right now. With all the nervous excitement about the marathon, thinking about fund-raising, stress at work (and about other things), and a busy schedule… I feel a little overwhelmed. After my marathon is over the plan is to take some time off from racing events and just work on my health. I will commit to DOING weight watchers. I’ll go to the gym for weight training and swimming and core work. I’m hoping to get into a yoga class. And I’m planning to set some time aside for daily meditation.

I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my hair cut. It’s so short that it’s kind of shocking. I really like it, but still trying to get used to the lack of hair. I’ve always run my hands through my hair, now there’s not much there… and I only have one style. But it’s super easy, cute, and a little edgy.

This weekend and next week are going to be super fun! Marathon practice tomorrow is “only” 80 minutes. We have a game night planned with friends for Saturday. Tuesday I’m taking the day off of work and spending time with friends before the big Sounders game. Thursday it looks like I get to go shadow in the sports medicine/ physical therapy department of Virginia Mason (to research on my future career). Hope all my readers are having a good weekend!  🙂


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