It was a blast!

We had a really fun weekend in Portland. Our room at the Kennedy School was the “Mirror, Mirror” room (Snow White theme) and was so cool. It totally had the old classroom feel, complete with chalkboards. No tv, but lots of fun to be had on campus with all the bars, restaurant, and a theater. (I brought my lap top but never turned it on.) We ate and drank a lot. Stephanie and I went to a neat yoga class a few blocks away from the hotel. A bunch of us watched a movie called “Attack the Block” and had a soak in the warm salt water pool. We went to a HUGE bookstore called Powell’s and ate Voodoo Doughnuts. We even watched the Sounders get their butts kicked by Real Salt Lake (streamed on Yancy’s lap top). The food was great, but I especially enjoyed the company. Yancy and I had lots of quality time together and I’m so glad we went. I’m not sure I wanna know what it did to my waistline, but I feel relaxed and happy, so it’s all good. Tomorrow morning it’s back to the grindstone.


1 pound UP

I weighed in at Weight Watchers today and went up one pound since last week (and I’m sure to gain more this weekend). Don’t let your guard down though Grandma! I’ll make up for it soon.Ā  :O)

Fun times :)

This weekend Yancy and I are heading to McMenamins Kennedy School hotel. We have several friends staying there too and it’s going to be a fun weekend! Happy birthday to my good friend Stephanie and thanks for the excuse to get out of town this weekend!!! I’m going to let loose and have a good time. Because next week I’m back to the straight and narrow. My grandma has already lost at least 5 pounds in our little competition and I haven’t even started yet. In fact, I’ve probably gained weight. But I’m not too worried, I needed a break after all the training I’ve done this year. I’m feeling so much better and ready to start a new chapter. I’ll be doing the South Beach Supercharged diet. Starting Monday I’ll be doing “phase 1” by cutting out all sugars and simple carbs from my diet for two weeks. It’ll be hard, but with my personal goals, strengthened motivation, and a little competitive spirit, I think I’m up for the challenge.

So bring on the weekend!! And then bring on the diet challenge!!!


I’m doing a lot of thinking and researching about a future career change. I’d like to get a doctorate of physical therapy, but there’s always the easier option of becoming a physical therapy assistant. The closest school for a doctorate is University of Washington, there are a few community college options for the assistant degree. Yancy and I are looking at a lot of different factors: How much can I hope for Virginia Mason to pay? How much will we have to invest? Which job will have the best return for the investment? Is there a sub-specialty I’d like to go into? Can I still work and attend college at the same time? If no, how long will it take us to get enough debt paid off that I can cut back on my work hours? Which college am I most likely to get accepted to? Since I graduated with my AAS degree over 6 years ago will it count for anything? Will we have to move to be closer to college and work? Can I even do this? It’s all a little overwhelming, but I’m up for the challenge. I can do anything I put my mind to. Especially when I have to support of my wonderful husband!

Back home

Yancy and I had a fun short weekend trip to visit our family. We left after he got off work on Friday and came home this evening (Sunday). Yesterday he went with his dad to Barter Fair while I spent the day with my mom & grandma. We went for a beautiful drive up to Twisp for lunch, then on to Winthrop for walking/shopping/and ice cream eating. Fun times! Then we all got back together for a BIG family BBQ… well, big as in LOTS of food. We made shish-kabobs on the bbq, rice pilaf, salad, toast, & asparagus. And we had beer/wine and desert. My mom & grandma have decided that I ought to be a chef because I love talking about food so much (& post food pictures online). But food is the last thing I need to be focusing on and spending all day around! šŸ˜› My mom & grandma & I all decided to do a short-term weight-loss competition. We weighed in last night and will weigh again on Jan 1st, 2012. We all throw in $25 and whoever looses the most percentage of body weight wins the pot. My grandma has done the Atkins diet in the past and is really dedicated when she puts her mind to something, plus my mom has a fiercely competitive side…. so I’ve got some hard work ahead of me!

This morning I started my diet off with a plate full of eggs, thick-cut bacon, potatoes, and toast with peach jam. With coffee & juice to drink. Then sat in the car for a long road trip (with a not so healthy lunch). So today was probably a weight gain day. Tomorrow will be better!Ā  :O)

Still catching up on rest

I stayed in bed until 9am today! I went back to work for Wed/Thurs, but have felt like I just couldn’t get enough sleep. I’m back to walking like a normal person and go down stairs at normal speed. Still able to feel the healing blisters on my feet, but they’re not affecting my gate. I’m still going to take a couple more days of rest. But already thinking about getting back to exercise. That little red dress isn’t going to fit if I don’t work for it. For the last few days I’ve also been extremely hungry. I think it’s an after effect from the marathon because I’ve heard other people say they feel the same. According to my Garmin, I burned 3,588 calories during the 6 hours and 49 minutes of my race so maybe my body is trying to replenish. And I seem to be craving mostly salty foods… usually I don’t eat much salt, maybe it’s because I sweated so much in the humid San Francisco air?

I’m working on MORE housework today…. it feels like I can’t catch up! Then packing for a very short weekend trip to visit family. It’ll be nice to have a quiet weekend and a long ride with Yancy. We’ve been talking a lot lately about our long time debate of whether or not to have children. We have both pretty firmly decided to not go down that road, but still ask ourselves “what if” questions. We’re not getting any younger. I think we just need to get a dog. šŸ™‚

I’m up

I had every intention yesterday of laying around the house and napping. But no, I was busy pretty much all day between my massage, chiropractor, lunch, grocery shopping, house cleaning, house projects, cooking, and watching tv & a soccer game with Yancy. I slept hard… so hard that I couldn’t understand why my alarm clock was going off this morning.Ā  ;PĀ  So today it’s back to work. I am much less sore, but still a little slow getting up off the couch and going down stairs. My feet still hurt really bad. But I’m mostly ready to get back to work. Hope this day flies by because I’m really craving some lazy time on the couch tonight.

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