Up & Down

It’s been an interesting few days! On Tuesday I had an appointment with the doctor to get an IUD so that I can stop taking oral birth control. The hope was that getting off of hormones, it might be easier for me to loose some weight. But apparently my body was not interested in having a copper foreign body lodged inside for the next ten years… I had to have it removed today after an uncomfortable 2 days. Ah well. I’m ok and it’s not the end of the world. On Tuesday I also had a laser treatment on my tattoo. I had originally gone in for the “complimentary consultation,” but she told me that I’ll need at least 5 more treatments. They offered me a package plan that I make monthly payments on for the next year, so I decided to go for it. This stupid tattoo will end up costing me about $1500 to remove! And it only cost about $60 to put on…. Yes, I’m always telling people to think long and hard before getting inked! On the brighter side, this experience was waaaaaaay better than my previous 4 treatments (at a place in Kirkland). The nurse injected the whole area with numbing medicine and I barely felt the laser which laser about 30 seconds. The last place I went never even offered me that option! This place does it for free. The last place took at least 2 minutes to do the laser, during which I was in excruciating pain AND I ended up with blood blisters. This was so much easier, leaves no blisters, and is healing quickly. Plus they are open Tuesday evenings so I won’t have to miss any work for the treatments. I’m hoping the tattoo will be completely gone by next summer. I paid for 5 treatments, but if it takes more I won’t have to pay because of the “package deal.” So I’m kind of excited about getting this done. No more frustrations when shopping for shirts to cover everything up. Less judgmental stares from people who see it. And I’ll get to wear cute V-neck shirts and necklaces again. 🙂

Tuesday night we had a blast at the Sounders game. Yancy and I nearly lost our voices from all the yelling/screaming/cheering/booing. The Sounders won 2-0 and took the US Open Cup championship for the THIRD year in a row! And this team has only been together for 3 years! They’re still playing in the MLS and CONCACAF leagues so there’s still more soccer to watch. We’re having a great season. 🙂 Before the game Yancy and I had dinner in the international district. I had a yummy dish with seafood and pumpkin in some sort of cream sauce. Yancy had stone pot rice with chicken. It was fun being at the game with our friends Mike & Joey, and also one of my coworkers and her daughter.

Work on Wednesday was super duper busy because my coworker called out sick. I try not to get stressed out, but instead think of it as an opportunity to show off what a super tech I am. 😛 After work Yancy and I went to the Send Off Party for my marathon team. It’s basically a pre-celebration and information session about our event…. which is only 10 days away. I’m getting sooo excited! If you go to this link (click “NMW Course Video”) there’s a video that shows a quick overview of the course. You’ll be able to track my progress on race day too. I’ll post more on that once I figure out the details.

Other than the IUD experience this morning, I had a fantastic day. I got to go downtown and do a job shadow in the sports medicine / physical therapy department at Virginia Mason. I spent about 6 hours with a physical therapist assistant named Paul. He was super nice and gave me a good idea of what it’s like to work in a clinic setting. I think his job is awesome! AND Virginia Mason paid for him to go to college!! I’m going to do some research and see if I can get in on that deal. I’ve talked about doing personal training in the future, but now I’m starting to lean more towards the clinical setting of physical therapy. There are pros and cons to both so I need to do more researching and thinking. But I’m trying to follow my heart, and my heart is telling me that ophthalmology isn’t really for me. I want to move on and find a career that will be more personally rewarding. I’ll post more on that subject some time soon.

Yancy and I went out for a date tonight. I had authentic Tuscan style pizza and a glass of wine, and then some ice cream. Tomorrow I stay home for an exciting day of housework and some computer research. Yahoo.  :O)

This picture always makes me smile! It's Yancy and I on a Seattle Harbor Cruise a couple years ago.


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