Almost there!

Today was my last team practice before the marathon! We’re in “taper” mode so today’s run/walk was 5 miles. Yancy went out and ran too. It was a cool but beautiful morning down on Alki Beach. I’m in such a good mood after my run and hot shower, oh and the sunshine helps. šŸ™‚ It’s really cooling down fast in Seattle. Time to put the warmer bed sheets on and start closing the window in the bathroom. Even though Summer is definitely my favorite season, I’m loving the Fall. I’m feeling motivated and ready for a fun winter of getting healthy.

Yesterday I was pretty lazy. Just did good ‘ol house-wifey things including cooking a yummy chicken stir fry. I finally went back to Weight Watchers yesterday… just have been busy the last few weekends. I was shocked to see a 5.4 pound gain over the last month. OUCH! So I’m getting back on track this week and committing to tracking everything I eat (it’s kind of hard when you cook from scratch). Hold me accountable people!

Today Yancy and I get to have the brakes replaced on our car, they’ve started making annoying noises. We’re going to do some walking (as much as his huge blister will allow us) and go out for coffee. It’s time to start writing my packing list for San Francisco and getting some details worked out. Any suggestions for must-see places in the Bay Area??? I’ll have a few hours Friday night and most of the day Saturday free. There’s lots of planning to do and I’m getting more and more excited everyday!

Last night's chicken stir fry

8am view from Alki Beach (marathon practice)


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