Tired, but still excited

I’m hiding out in my hotel room tonight. I stayed up way too late last night packing (procrastinated by watching tv shows with Yancy) and got up way too early. I slept a tiny bit on the plane, but it was difficult because of the tight space and other passengers talking non-stop. I did get a little nap at the hotel room after checking in. Most of my teammates are staying here at the Grand Hyatt. I had lunch up on the 36th floor, a yummy chicken/avocado sandwich with chutney (still not sure what that’s made of). And wow, what an amazing view from up there! It’s a beautiful weekend here in San Francisco! Hot even! I took a little adventure this afternoon trying to find a grocery store… Apparently I walked right under and past the place I was looking for and ended up in Chinatown. (Oh, and I saw my first cable car and walked over the cable track.) I was still wearing a sweater since Seattle and came back sweating after my little outing. I picked up bread, peanut butter, bananas, orange juice, and some Reces Peanut Butter Cups for after my marathon. My roommate Susan came later in the day. We chatted for a while then headed back into the crowds outside. The marathon & half marathon start about a block away from the hotel and the Nike Expo is right next door. We went and picked up our race stuff and checked out the expo. Too many people for me!!  FYI, my race number is 30781.

Susan and I walked through the NikeTown store and found our names on the wall (pics to come later). Then we went to Macy’s and split ways. I was looking for an early birthday present for myself. I’m going to buy a dress a few sizes too small and hang it in my room as a motivator. Whenever asked to come up with an ideal mental image of myself, I see myself in a hot red dress tearing up a dance floor. Yancy and I were thinking of maybe having a salsa dancing party to celebrate my 30th birthday and this dress I’m buying would be my outfit. It’s a visual finish line to help me stay focused over the winter and push me towards my goal of a healthy weight. So I found a red dress at Macy’s that I really like, but forgot my 20% off coupon so I have to go back for it tomorrow. I’m kind of excited about it, by buying that dress I’m making a promise to myself. I’m going to go after my goals, and feel good on the outside and the inside. I can do it!

After shopping I tried to get dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, but the place was a zoo and I was pretty tired of people at this point. I’ve already put my 40 hours of work in (busy work) this week and got up too early today. I’m just wanting some peace and quiet. So I got my salad to go and enjoyed it back in the hotel room while chatting with Yancy online. I have to admit I already miss him!  :O)  I’m planning to get a LOT of sleep tonight since I probably will have insomnia tomorrow (race jitters).

I have pictures from today, but I think I’ll wait and post them all in a later post. Thanks again to all my wonderfully supportive friends!


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