Still catching up on rest

I stayed in bed until 9am today! I went back to work for Wed/Thurs, but have felt like I just couldn’t get enough sleep. I’m back to walking like a normal person and go down stairs at normal speed. Still able to feel the healing blisters on my feet, but they’re not affecting my gate. I’m still going to take a couple more days of rest. But already thinking about getting back to exercise. That little red dress isn’t going to fit if I don’t work for it. For the last few days I’ve also been extremely hungry. I think it’s an after effect from the marathon because I’ve heard other people say they feel the same. According to my Garmin, I burned 3,588 calories during the 6 hours and 49 minutes of my race so maybe my body is trying to replenish. And I seem to be craving mostly salty foods… usually I don’t eat much salt, maybe it’s because I sweated so much in the humid San Francisco air?

I’m working on MORE housework today…. it feels like I can’t catch up! Then packing for a very short weekend trip to visit family. It’ll be nice to have a quiet weekend and a long ride with Yancy. We’ve been talking a lot lately about our long time debate of whether or not to have children. We have both pretty firmly decided to not go down that road, but still ask ourselves “what if” questions. We’re not getting any younger. I think we just need to get a dog. šŸ™‚


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. beowuff
    Oct 21, 2011 @ 10:34:31

    Irish Wolfhound, or Great Dane?


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