Back home

Yancy and I had a fun short weekend trip to visit our family. We left after he got off work on Friday and came home this evening (Sunday). Yesterday he went with his dad to Barter Fair while I spent the day with my mom & grandma. We went for a beautiful drive up to Twisp for lunch, then on to Winthrop for walking/shopping/and ice cream eating. Fun times! Then we all got back together for a BIG family BBQ… well, big as in LOTS of food. We made shish-kabobs on the bbq, rice pilaf, salad, toast, & asparagus. And we had beer/wine and desert. My mom & grandma have decided that I ought to be a chef because I love talking about food so much (& post food pictures online). But food is the last thing I need to be focusing on and spending all day around! 😛 My mom & grandma & I all decided to do a short-term weight-loss competition. We weighed in last night and will weigh again on Jan 1st, 2012. We all throw in $25 and whoever looses the most percentage of body weight wins the pot. My grandma has done the Atkins diet in the past and is really dedicated when she puts her mind to something, plus my mom has a fiercely competitive side…. so I’ve got some hard work ahead of me!

This morning I started my diet off with a plate full of eggs, thick-cut bacon, potatoes, and toast with peach jam. With coffee & juice to drink. Then sat in the car for a long road trip (with a not so healthy lunch). So today was probably a weight gain day. Tomorrow will be better!  :O)


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