Fun times :)

This weekend Yancy and I are heading to McMenamins Kennedy School hotel. We have several friends staying there too and it’s going to be a fun weekend! Happy birthday to my good friend Stephanie and thanks for the excuse to get out of town this weekend!!! I’m going to let loose and have a good time. Because next week I’m back to the straight and narrow. My grandma has already lost at least 5 pounds in our little competition and I haven’t even started yet. In fact, I’ve probably gained weight. But I’m not too worried, I needed a break after all the training I’ve done this year. I’m feeling so much better and ready to start a new chapter. I’ll be doing the South Beach Supercharged diet. Starting Monday I’ll be doing “phase 1” by cutting out all sugars and simple carbs from my diet for two weeks. It’ll be hard, but with my personal goals, strengthened motivation, and a little competitive spirit, I think I’m up for the challenge.

So bring on the weekend!! And then bring on the diet challenge!!!


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