It was a blast!

We had a really fun weekend in Portland. Our room at the Kennedy School was the “Mirror, Mirror” room (Snow White theme) and was so cool. It totally had the old classroom feel, complete with chalkboards. No tv, but lots of fun to be had on campus with all the bars, restaurant, and a theater. (I brought my lap top but never turned it on.) We ate and drank a lot. Stephanie and I went to a neat yoga class a few blocks away from the hotel. A bunch of us watched a movie called “Attack the Block” and had a soak in the warm salt water pool. We went to a HUGE bookstore called Powell’s and ate Voodoo Doughnuts. We even watched the Sounders get their butts kicked by Real Salt Lake (streamed on Yancy’s lap top). The food was great, but I especially enjoyed the company. Yancy and I had lots of quality time together and I’m so glad we went. I’m not sure I wanna know what it did to my waistline, but I feel relaxed and happy, so it’s all good. Tomorrow morning it’s back to the grindstone.


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