Happy Saturday!

My father-in-law is visiting this weekend. I made a most delicious dinner last night: a turkey/stuffing bake (from scratch with all organic products of course) with a side of roasted butternut squash. I wish I had taken a picture. Oh man, it was tasty!!! And healthy even. 🙂 Tomorrow’s recipe experiment is a veggie lasagna (noodle free). Vegetables can be fun! My South Beach diet wasn’t much of a success this week, but I’m still going to keep plugging away. The scale at Weight Watchers gave me a little wake up call. I’ve gained quite a bit of weight in the last 3 weeks. 😦 Part of that was the fact that I weighed in right after breakfast and coffee, but the biggest culprit is all the time I’ve taken off from exercise. So that will be my main focus next week. Starting with a circuit training class on Sunday, my goal is to get 4-5 sessions of exercise per week, each lasting a minimum of 20 minutes. It’ll probably help cheer me up too. I do love the fall colors, but I find myself kinda bummed with how dark it is in the mornings and how quickly it’s dark in the evening.

I had a good talk with my amazing husband last night. I’ve been a little unhappy with my job lately and I’ll eventually be changing to a new career, but that’s going to take some time. I was thinking of looking for something new, but after our conversation have decided to stick it out as long as possible at my current job. When I eventually get into PT school, I’ll probably have to leave work for full time studies (a doctorate is no small matter). But for now, it’s my attitude that I need to work on. Maybe getting back to a vigorous exercise program will help with that.

Today we’re all heading to Castle Rock to visit more family. It’ll be a fun day.    Oh, and don’t forget to turn back your clocks tonight for Daylight Savings!


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  1. Grandma
    Nov 06, 2011 @ 19:35:53



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