This weekend was a blast, can I have another???? Saturday was spent in Castle Rock with family. We drank lots of coffee, ate lots of food, watched some tv, talked a lot, ate more food, and had some wine, oh, and talked a lot more. Fun times! πŸ™‚ Sunday morning we had more coffee and chatting with Dad. He left for home and Yancy and I went off to circuit training class (a group exercise session led by our favorite trainer/coach Cathy). It was really fun! And I’m sore today in funny places. In the afternoon we went for a nice long drive and visited some friends in Seattle with a newborn baby. Little Daisy was less than 9 pounds! Not sure I’ve seen a baby so tiny before! I held her for a while, but she cried (totally not my fault) so I handed her back to the parents. I can tell they’re a little stressed trying to learn how to take care of their brand new baby, but I think they’re going to do great.

My lasagna experiment turned out amazing!! Instead of noodles the recipe called for zucchini cut lengthwise and roasted. The other ingredients were ground lamb, fresh onion, garlic, and tomatoes, tomato paste, olives, ricotta and parmesan cheese. OMG, it tasted soooo good! The side dish was roasted asparagus. I am so loving this cooking with all natural foods thing. The house smells great, the food tastes great, and I feel good about the quality of food we’re eating.

This year’s daylight savings change really got me today. I woke feeling well rested, and loved that it was sort of light out when I left for work. But I got hungry for lunch an hour too early. The whole day seemed to drag, and it felt like late night when I finally escaped work. At least I have 3 days off every weekend. Otherwise I’m not sure I could survive the winter of going to work in the dark and coming home from work in the dark every day. Mumble, groan, complain, and whine….. Ok, I’m done now.

Here’s a few random pictures:


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