Okay, today was a nice day. I enjoyed a deep massage, some time on the “roller table” with heat, and a chiropractic adjustment. Still a little sore, but less so. I came home and relaxed (other than doing dishes and laundry) and chatted online with Yancy and a friend in Texas. This afternoon I went for my first lap swimming session in months. I knew I had lost a little fitness, but dang! It felt like I was swimming in slow motion and got tired really quick. At least I still got 20 minutes of laps in before heading the call of the hot tub. Nothing beats a good hot soak after a workout! And as usual, I am grinning ear to ear after swimming. There’s just something so refreshing about being in the water! I feel lighter, graceful, and strong (pretty much the opposite of when I run). I went to the grocery store and saw an amazing sunset. The weather is actually pretty nasty today, but the sun shining through the rain on the city of Bellevue.. well, it just takes your breath away. Almost had to stop the car for a picture! After the grocery shopping I walked outside to a monsoon. Seriously haven’t seen it rain so hard in a long time. There was even lightening.

After home I proceeded to cook the most delicious dinner! A homemade chicken curry (a slightly modified recipe from my Paleo diet book). OMG, can’t tell you how yummy it was! And I can’t believe those flavors can come out of my kitchen, from scratch! I served the “butter chicken” over steamed red chard with a side of roasted red potatoes seasoned with curry. Yancy says his favorite part was the potatoes, but he sure ate that chicken up too.  😛  I am loving cooking more and more. Maybe Mom & Grandma are right about me being a chef.  🙂

I’ve got to get to bed because I’m going walking with my friend Stephanie in the morning. Yay! Here’s a few pictures:


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