I was reading a friend’s blog (who happens to be a published author) and was really inspired by this post. It takes a few minutes, but is totally worth the read:   As I contemplate making a big career change down the road, this was really motivational. I can identify with some of his experiences. I also believe that work isn’t just about paying the bills. In our work we CAN find fulfillment and joy. I have a great job, but I feel in my heart that it’s not the one for me. I come home each night feeling tired and drained. I really want to exercise, read books, talk to friends, get outside, be active… but I’m too tired. If I really loved my job I would still have the energy to enjoy my evenings. It would feel like I’m “working” less hours, and I’d look forward to going back the next day. It’s not a fantasy. It’s something that I’ll have to work for. It won’t be tomorrow, or even next month. But it’s my goal to have a career that I love and that fulfills my dreams and makes me feel good about what I do.


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