Nothing new

It’s been a low key week. Nothing exciting to report. I’ve just been tired and lazy after work. Today I slept in until 9:30am and only did a little bit of housework. I did go for my first acupuncture appointment today. I’m hoping it will help with this fatigue I’ve been struggling with, take care of my headaches, and help my immune system. We’ll see…  No exciting cooking either. In fact my fridge is pretty empty and we went out for dinner a few times this week. 😦  I slept through the weight watchers meeting this morning, so have no idea where I’m at on the scale. Yancy and I will be buying a scale next weekend. I want one of those fancy ones that reads your body fat percentage and we’re hoping to find one in the “Black Friday” sales. I’m planning to get back on track with my diet next week, but I’m afraid at this point I won’t be able to catch up with my grandma who’s already lost at least 10 pounds. Yikes! I wish I had her determination! Right now I feel like I have too many things going on in my head and it’s hard to really give my attention to one thing for a while.

Supposedly we’ll be getting some snow this weekend, but I have yet to see any. I’m just crossing my fingers that it holds off at least until we get back from Thanksgiving. Next week is going to be fun! I only work three days, then a fun time with the Burns family! In fact, the next few weeks are going to be fun (but a little stressful financially). The doctor I work for will be taking almost 2 weeks off of work and I only have one day of work…. so basically will be missing an entire paycheck right before Christmas. 😦 I’m hoping for some more volunteer time in the physical therapy department. And really excited about a visit from my mom. Oh, and maybe some long walks or bike rides to burn calories. 🙂



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