Catch up with pictures

Yancy and I had a really fun day! We started it off with a yummy home-cooked breakfast and french press coffee. We toured the University of Washington and now I’m really wanting to go there. The campus is gorgeous and they have tons of benefits for students, not to mention an outstanding reputation for turning out talented, well educated grads. I’m hoping to visit the admissions counselors soon to see what it would take to get into that school (down the road of course), I need to get started with applying now & getting my degree transferred if I’d like to attend next year.

We had a quick lunch in the U-District then went to visit our friend Bex and her two adorable kitties. Then we went to Larsen’s bakery for some more coffee and sugary mischief.  And went driving around in North Seattle looking at some houses I had seen online. It’s funny how perfect a place can look on the real estate’s web site, then you drive by and see that it’s in a neighborhood you wouldn’t want to live in. I was telling Yancy how fun it is to look at houses online, but when it comes to the real shopping… not so much fun. We’re hoping to make another attempt at home ownership next year, but it all depends on what happens with Yancy’s job. Cross your fingers!

After some errands and grocery shopping, we went home and made one of our favorite dinners: hawaiian pizza (with pre-made crust). I made some comment about “The Rock” a few days ago and now Yancy’s using that as an excuse to get me to watch a reeeeealllllllly long documentary about The Rock’s wrestling career. It’s painful and embarrassing (as in I’m embarrassed that Americans call this entertainment), but funny at times, and I can’t complain about all the scantily clad muscular hulks. 😛

Here’s a few pictures from the last week:


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