Thanksgiving weekend

I had a fantastic weekend with family!! 🙂  Yancy and I left Seattle on Wednesday afternoon and drove to Pullman, Washington. After a miserable three days of continuous rain in Seattle, we were relieved to reach the  dry, mild weather in Eastern WA. The pass had snow, but the roads were clear and traffic wasn’t too bad at the time we left. Only the day before the pass had required chains and was temporarily closed for avalanche control. The trip was pretty uneventful except that a car in front us clipped a deer and another deer ran in front of us. The drivers/passengers, cars, and deer were all fine… it was just a little reminder to be careful.

Wednesday night we had yummy homemade lasagne and wine, and a great time visiting around the dinner table. This year’s Burns family gathering was smaller than previous years, but just as fun. There were 7 all together and all of us “kids” are pretty much grown up. Yancy’s cousins are pretty geeky so they got along great. Thursday was pretty laid back…. except the part where we all cooked enough food to feed a small army. It was a good family effort though and everything turned out fantastic. We had a traditional Thanksgiving feast: turkey, homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes (MY FAVORITE), green beans (with almonds and bacon), broccoli salad, fruit salad, bread rolls, and cranberry sauce.  I think that covers it. Oh, and wine! And pumpkin pie for desert! I didn’t really attempt to eat “healthy” since that would take the fun out of it. So I’m going to have to work even harder to undo this weekend’s damage!!

Friday morning we went shopping in Moscow, Idaho… a tradition started only a few years ago. Yancy and I had only planned to buy a few low key items (gotta budget for unpaid time I’ll be taking off from work next month), but we sort of got into the spirit of bargain hunting and came home with quite a few things. I’m very excited about the “buy one, get one free” deal on Fiesta plate-ware to complete the set we have at home. We now have a four person set of cobalt blue plates, bowels, and giant mugs,  plus a serving platter and 2 large bowels (8 pieces for only $61). I can’t wait to have company and serve food on them! Yancy and I also got a super duper deal on shoes & socks from Famous Footwear. We got a fancy weight scale that tells your body fat percentage, a new colander for the kitchen, a giant funnel for beer making, some t-shirts for Yancy, a game for the Ps3, and pair of non-prescription sunglasses that I can wear over my contact lenses (Thanks to Aunt Beth for the amazing deal on those btw!). Even though we bought more than we had planned, everything was at least 20% off.

For lunch we had a repeat of Thanksgiving dinner (see photo) and of course I ate too much. Friday evening Aunt Beth worked at the WSU-UW volleyball game. UW won… what else would you expect? We could have all gone to the game but I’m not a big volleyball fan so everyone else decided to go bowling instead. It was really fun, but also humbling… I’m really lousy at bowling! Friday night after Beth got home is when the real party started. We had leftover lasagne and did a wine tasting of 4 consecutive years of Lady in Red (the 4th-8th editions), but we started with an Okanogan red and finished with a Maryhill red. Some of the wines were amazing, and some just weren’t good at all…. but all 6 bottles still were finished off. I’ve never really experienced a family night like this before. Just one family gathered together, enjoying wine, having great conversations, lots of laughter, listening to some good music, and just having a good time at home. Seriously can’t say how fun it was. And that’s just how the “Burns Clan” rolls!  They make me feel so loved and included in the family! This is my 10th Thanksgiving with the Burns family and I think 8 of those were spent in Pullman!!! And all were fun.

Saturday morning Yancy was feeling pretty hungover, he drank most of the bottle that everyone else hated and claims the “barnyard taste” was good. Breakfast was eggs, bacon, and some seriously yummy homemade cinnamon rolls made by cousin Kate. Wow, the girl is good at baking! Too bad I’m not even remotely interested in learning to bake, she could teach me a few things. The drive home was even smoother. The weather was partly cloudy and dry the whole way. We were home by 7pm to snuggle with the kitty and relax in our nice quiet home for the evening. And we still have the whole day tomorrow to chillax!   :O)    Here’s a few pictures from the weekend:


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