Good morning

Oops, another week has gone by. It flew by! This always seems to happen to me in the last few weeks before Christmas. Last weekend was very busy with my mom over. We did lots of shopping & eating, watched the Muppets movie, and made Christmas gifts. I still need to finish a few last details on them. Today’s goal is to get my Christmas letter all done and mail everything out. Also, I’m very excited at a chance to see one of my best friends tomorrow. She’s coming over for an interview on Monday and will visit me for a little bit. We’re planning to go see “Snowflake Lane” in downtown Bellevue. I’m also looking forward to getting a good work out in tomorrow morning at circuit training class. I am pretty much completely over my cold, it was a nasty one, but I only have a little coughing left now.

Other than money being a little tight this month, life is really good. Things are looking hopeful with Yancy’s job. Can’t really give details yet, but hopefully we’ll have some good new in a few weeks. I found some interesting crock pot recipes to try. First one will be Italian Meatball Soup and the next is Moroccan Lentil Stew. Will tell you all about it.   :O)

Oh, and weight-wise. I’ve totally lost the game. There’s only a few weeks until the final weigh in. I’ve gained weight. Grandma has lost weight. Not sure about Mom, but I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be handing over $$. Next year will be better. I still have that red dress hanging on my wall to remind me of my goals every day. I can still do it!


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