Goodbye 2011

It’s been quite a year of ups and downs. I sent out a Christmas letter talking a little about my year. The biggest highlights are my athletic achievements: another half marathon, another half iron triathlon, a 204 mile bike ride (in 2 days), and my first full marathon! I gained a lot of confidence and self pride along the way. Even with the awesome accomplishments this year, I’ve really struggled with staying mentally positive. Especially when it comes to my physical body. I’ve gained a bit of weight this year. Some of that may be due to changes in medications, but mostly due to chronic stress and lifestyle (eating out too much and being really lazy when not training for an event). I’ve also done some soul searching and have decided that my current career isn’t where I want to stay. I think I could be more personally fulfilled by a job that helps others and brings them confidence and health. I think a good career path that would be both rewarding and bread-winning would be to become a physical therapist. But that means several years of school and lots of sacrifice. Our current financial state wouldn’t really allow for me to quit work and pursue school full time, so the current goal is to get out of debt, while getting healthier, and learning what I can about fitness and recovery.

I’ve been kind of skeptical about “new year’s resolutions” in the past. I mean, most people never really accomplish the high & mighty goals they set for themselves. I’ve personally been highly motivated to chase after lofty goals, only to fall short and feel bad about myself later. But I’ve also accomplished many goals I set for myself. I did a full marathon!!! I’ve done 6 triathlons and 4 half marathons! I’ve kept off most of the weight I lost a few years ago. I do have a great job, good friends, and a stable home life. I have enough money to pay the bills and still get to splurge often. But I think things could be even better. I could certainly be healthier. I could be financially more responsible. I could take more time for myself to do uplifting things. I could be more proactive about working towards a future career change.

So I do have 2 New Year Resolutions: Loose enough weight to fit into my red dress by my 30th birthday, and Work on paying off more debts. I’ll keep it simple, but in order to accomplish these 2 big ones, there will have to be a lot of discipline and hard work.

Tomorrow morning Yancy and I are heading to NE Washington to help my mom celebrate New Year’s and her 50th birthday. Should be lots of fun. Except the part where I have to give my grandma $25 for loosing the weight loss competition. 😛  But I’ll try to use the humiliation to fuel my hard work in the next few months.  🙂


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