Neat gifts

Here’s a picture of one of my Christmas gifts; paper white flower bulbs from my mom…. it’ll look better in a few weeks if I don’t manage to kill it!  🙂  Yancy usually takes over watering my plants to keep me from drowning them. He has the green thumb of the family.

Yancy did the honor of planting it for me.

I also got some really neat cook books. Can’t wait to try some more new recipes! This week I’ll be working on a new “menu” for our house to help with the weight loss plans. I’ll tell you more on that later.

And here’s one of my favorite gifts this year:

There's a bird and the saying "Seize the day, Carpe Diem"

Those who know me well will understand why I love this gift. It came with a pack of Reces peanut butter cups. You know someone was thinking of me when they found this in the store. You are awesome! 🙂 I’ve gotten compliments on the bag from my coworkers too.


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