I’m still waiting to see what happens with my schedule at work. I don’t think it’s going to be as good as I’d hoped after the initial conversation with my supervisor. Have you ever felt that someone just told you what you wanted to hear and then changed their mind the minute you walked away? That’s kind of how I feel at the moment, but I’m going to be patient and see how it works out.

This evening Yancy and I had a nice workout with our personal training. She called it “the Burns hour.”  🙂  I actually worked up enough of a sweat that it dripped on my shoulder and freaked me out.  😛  I’m struggling with negative self talk though… getting discouraged at the weight I gained over the last few months. It feels like I’m starting all over again fitness-wise. But I’m really not. My body was strong enough last year to do a 204 mile bike ride and a full marathon, it’ll catch back up soon.


Working out

We were up by 6:30am today to prepare for running practice… a refreshing 2.3 mile jog/walk in the rain. Yancy and I were feeling great afterwards. We joined some other people from the running group at Whole Foods for coffee while waiting for circuit training class (which doesn’t start until 10:30). I think Yancy and I are the youngest of that group, but I really enjoy hanging out with other people crazy enough to be outdoors on a crappy/cold Sunday morning going for an 8am run. These are our people. 🙂   Circuit training is an hour of exercises in a group setting, things like pushups, lunges, pull ups, V-sits, plank, jumping, squat/pulls… forty seconds of each exercise, twenty seconds of rest and to move the next station. It’s arranged in a circle around the room and there’s music and fun conversation (and sweat puddles in random places). Fun times! And a hot shower made me feel like a million bucks after! 🙂

Yancy and I went out for lunch, I had prime rib dip and sweet potato fries… I know, I know… poor choice. Dinner was steamed carrots and leftover chicken breast. I had a nap this afternoon and some time on the couch reading a book. I’m feeling rested and optimistic for what tomorrow might bring. Hopefully this new change in my schedule at work will be a refreshing change of pace.


This is 100% true in my experience: “Triathlon will change your outlook on life, your career, your marriage, your goals, your friends and many other things you thought you had figured out.”      http://www.active.com/triathlon/Articles/So-You-Wanna-Be-a-Triathlete.htm

Yancy found this article online and posted it on Facebook. I couldn’t agree more with that statement. I am truly a different woman than I was 3 years ago before my first triathlon. And I really like who I am now. And I like the way my future looks, with triathlons and other fun forms of exercise as a regular part of it.

I’ve probably already posted this, but Yancy and I are signed up for another triathlon in July (just an olympic distance this time). It’s our idea of fun. The race date falls right in between my birthday and our 7 year wedding anniversary, so the triathlon and a weekend in Chelan (at the same B&B we went for our honeymoon) is our idea of celebration. To celebrate life, health, and our wonderful relationship.   🙂


I got so much done on my cleaning project today! The upstairs room is pretty much finished. There are a few things I haven’t figured out what to do with yet, but they’re out of the way and can wait until the next time I get the “organizational itch.”  😛 The room is so clean, organized, and functional. (just don’t look in the closet) I feel so good about getting this big project done. I think I’ll sleep well tonight too (as long as the dust I stirred up today doesn’t mess with our allergies).

The “exercise video” did not happen today… Ah well, I am still sore from yesterday’s workout and I get a double one tomorrow with running & circuit class, so I’m not going to give myself a hard time about today.We DID get our taxes filed though, another thing I can stop stressing about. :O)  After exercise tomorrow I’m going to take a break from all the work and just enjoy my Sunday.

Random fact: At least two of the apples I left out on the porch yesterday have disappeared. I hope those furry critters are enjoying the snack.

Still kicking

The last two weeks were a little tough for me. The snow is pretty much gone now and life is almost back to normal. I had some issues at work, but don’t want to go into them here. The good outcome is that I’ll be reducing my hours a little bit. I need more time to take care of my health, physically and mentally. Things are still in the works, but I should know early next week what my new schedule is going to be.

I saw my doctor Thursday evening to follow up on a medication and realized that I have gained TWENTY-FIVE pounds, SINCE OCTOBER! So yes, there’s obviously a big problem. She’s changing my med and I’m trying even harder to exercise more and eat healthier. My personal trainer wants me to get 60-90 minutes of exercise per day… that seems practically impossible to me, but might be doable with my new work schedule. We’ll see.

Yancy is totally supportive of anything I need to do to be healthier. He’s seriously the best husband ever!!! We’re working together on getting more exercise in, and having fun while doing it. We’re working also on our budget still and finding ways to save cash. We should be financially fine, even with my cut in hours/pay. I am doing better with cooking at home more and packing lunches… for myself anyways. We still need to get Yancy to take his own lunch more often. Things with his job are looking good, but it’s probably still going to be two months before/if he gets hired on full time at Amazon. Keep your fingers crossed. We are feeling optimistic about his job, but the small margin of uncertainty is still stressful.

Last weekend I bought the supplies for my quilt and set up the “craft area.” We have a HUGE upstairs room. One side functions as our bedroom and the other side has been a sort of collect-all pile of random stuff. My “corner of shame.” I was so excited to start my quilt last weekend that I didn’t take the time to go through things, but rather moved them around. So this weekend I’m doing the hard work of actually going through boxes & bins and organizing the things we want to keep. It feels good when you finish that kind of project. I still have 2 piles to sort through, but I’ve made good progress. The room looks bigger and cleaner, and is very functional.

This morning we got a massage. We were going to do a bike ride today, but are feeling a little lazy, so decided to do an indoor exercise video. This should be hilarious! 😛   Here’s photos from this last week:

Get me outa here!

I haven’t left the house for over 3 days! I’m starting to get a little sick of being cooped up. And we’re running out of food. So today Yancy is going to attempt to take me shopping. Wish us luck. The side roads are still covered in ice and snow. Thousands of people were without power yesterday. Seattle is a mess! People are throwing out words like snowmagedon and icepocolypse. (not sure how to spell those) Yesterday when I trekked out to get the mail I saw our neighbor leaving his house on cross-country skis! At least the view out of our window is peaceful. The main hummingbird that lives by our house is making good use of the feeder. The local racoons put a bunch of tracks in the snow on our deck. But it’s still a beautiful sight to see. I’m just tired of sitting around in my house. I can’t even get started on my big quilting project because I don’t have the supplies.

I admit there’s things around the house I could be doing, but instead I’ve been watching a lot of tv/netflix. We found an interesting series from the U.K. called “Being Human” and I’m sort of addicted. It’s about a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost living together in a house, trying to be normal. 😛 The show has great story lines and hilarious jokes.

Well, that’s the excitement of my life right now… so sad. We still have about 5-6 inches of snow and it’s got ice in it… from the freezing rain that came down yesterday. Yippy!

Silly micro-climates

Most of the snow has melted at our house even though Seattle proper got more today. There’s supposedly a big storm coming tonight to drop a few more inches of snow. But Seattle’s micro-climates are very odd. You can have several inches of snow (or more commonly, pouring rain) in one place, then drive 5 miles or so and find the roads bare. I’m looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. Yancy cleaned out the hummingbird feeder today and put a little “roof” on it to keep the snow from piling up and diluting it. We’ve some some happy little birds out there!

Tonight’s dinner was zuppa toscana soup. Much less spicy this time, but still needs something… I’ll figure it out eventually. Here’s the only other thing worth mentioning today: I finished drawing my quilt pattern and did some of the math to get started. It’s going to have 676 squares! And will probably take me months to finish.

It's gonna be so pretty!


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