I had a wonderful New Years weekend! We went to my mom’s house for a New Year’s Eve party, ate LOTS of junk food, had a few drinks, played lots of games, visited with family, wore black, and celebrated my mom’s 50th birthday (1/1/12). Good times! I didn’t even do the weigh in with Grandma & Mom because it was obvious who had won and I was happy to hand over my $25. I hope Grandma spends the loot on something fun for herself.

New Year’s day was pretty laid back. Mom cooked up breakfast for us (on her birthday) and then came out to Oroville to spend time with me in the afternoon. We watched some football and ate more food. Then I went back to Mom’s house to hang with her and my sister who was in town only for the weekend (she drove all the way from Montana). It was great to just kick back with family again. The drive home on Monday is kind of a blur to me since I snoozed for most of it while Yancy drove. I’m a spoiled girl.  🙂

On Tuesday we had our first personal training session of the year. Cathy kicked our butts!!! Yancy and I enjoyed ourselves but are humbled at the fitness we’ve lost…. and I have to admit that my reflection in the mirror is getting me down too. But at least I’m working out again. Cathy gives us a good $deal and we’re going to start training with her once a week. I’m still working on my menu plan. Starting on Friday I’m going to be much more organized in the kitchen. I’ll plan meals and shopping lists up to 2 weeks in advance and eliminate more than half of our restaurant eating. Interestingly, now that we’re getting back to strength training (and getting ready to start training for a triathlon), it’s getting easier to make better food choices too. Plus I found a few more recipes that I’m REALLY excited to try out! 🙂

I had a very interesting phone call today. One of the regional managers from Weight Watchers had called and left a voice message. When I called back she said that someone had suggested me for giving an inspirational speech at one of their events, something about “success with Weight Watchers.” I told her that I had cancelled my membership over a month ago and so probably wouldn’t be the right person. It made my day though that someone found me inspirational enough to ask a manager to invite me for a speech! I think it was because one day after hearing people go back and forth about minor little details about how to weigh in (like wearing the same clothes and not eating before hand), I spoke at the meeting about my year. I said that even though the scale showed me gaining weight, showed numbers that most people would be ashamed of, I wouldn’t let that get to me. At my current size I’ve done several triathlons, a 204 mile bike ride, some half marathons, and a FULL marathon. In that context, who cares what number that scale says?!? I feel good about my achievements and I refuse to let those numbers play games with my head. The people at that meeting applauded me and the meeting leader said maybe I should look into becoming a meeting leader. Well, that’s a boost of confidence anyway. It’s amazing to feel good about yourself, but by inspiring others to do things and feel this way is even better. It’s a life goal of mine in fact. It makes me smile to think that someone heard me speak and felt inspired.

I had a short week at work because of taking Monday, but I’m already looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow Yancy and I get eye exams and hopefully new glasses. Friday is my new “diet” kick-off. Saturday we’re getting hair cuts, and on Sunday we’ll be doing a group exercise class… Yancy wants us to ride bikes there…. We’ll see about that.

Here are some very blurry pictures taken on my iPhone at Mom’s party (I’m hoping someone else got better quality photos and will email them to me):

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