Last night I cooked home-made turkey burgers and sweet potato fries. It takes a little longer to make everything from scratch, but it’s healthier and tastes great. Instead of regular buns I used sandwich thins. It was my first time buying them… not sure I love ’em, but they’re lower calorie and a better option than most other breads.

Today my new crock pot arrived. Yancy bought it for me from (he picked it out all by himself). I’m excited to try a new recipe tomorrow called “Layered Brisket Dinner” with beef brisket, onion, potatoes, and carrots cooked on low for 10 hours. You put the meat at the bottom and all the veggies on top, wrapped in foil. The new crock pot also came with more recipes for me to try.  Oh geez, I may be getting a little crazy with all these new recipes and cooking experiments. But at least it has us eating at home more. Yancy’s certainly not complaining.  😉

Today we had a great workout with our personal trainer. We’ll be sore tomorrow, and worse the next day.I may whine a little, but I’m not really complaining. I’m loving it! I love to strength train and exercise, and I especially love to swim. But I also love to eat…. And recently I’ve been gaining wait at an alarming rate. I’m on the right track though with eating healthier meals at home and working out again. This year I’m going to loose this weight and more. I’m determined to get under the 200 pound mark!!!


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