Fun weekend & SNOW!

This weekend is awesome! I already told you about Friday. Saturday was the best after sleeping in, we went for our sports massage. Mostly relaxing, but also a little brutal… I’m a little sore today. Josh has a talent of finding knots in your muscles and attacking them! We had lunch at home (leftover beef stew, it may have tasted even better reheated) AND THEN, it started snowing!!! In Seattle that’s kind of a big deal. It’s the first snow of the season and I think Mother Nature is making up for the last few months. Also, the 520 bridge is closed this weekend for construction. But I wasn’t going to let a little snow & traffic ruin my plans. I asked Yancy to drive me around the Lake. It was snowing even worse up North by Lynnwood, but by the time we got back to North Seattle the roads were merely wet and the sun was out. My good friend Stephanie and I had a luxurious manicure/pedicure at the Gene Juarez Salon. Wow, it was fantastic and we had a great time!!! This was our Christmas gift. I got a very natural looking french tip manicure on my hands and a fun sparkly dark pink on my toes. Then we had more girl time at the mall before our husbands met us for dinner at the Macaroni Grill. It was such a fun day that I’m still grinning. Oh, and this is more exciting for Yancy than for me, but we went ahead and bought new phones last night. His old one was broken and getting less and less reliable. My phone is perfectly fine, but since he was getting a new phone and would have to sign a new phone contract, we decided that I’ll get a new one too and just sell my old one.

Today Yancy and I had a great workout at circuit training class. Before that I had one of my favorite healthy breakfasts: oatmeal with lots of cinnamon, a banana, fresh blueberries, and a little bit of vanilla flavored almond milk. Lunch was a small ham sandwich with fresh avocado and the last of the beef stew. Tonight I’m going to bake some banana bread (from scratch of course) and make a healthy veggie risotto.

The snow is still coming down heavy. There’s at least 2 inches out there now. The hummingbirds have retreated to their trees, but were visiting the feeder earlier.  I need to go take another picture of the snow, but here’s a few pictures I took earlier today:

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