Get me outa here!

I haven’t left the house for over 3 days! I’m starting to get a little sick of being cooped up. And we’re running out of food. So today Yancy is going to attempt to take me shopping. Wish us luck. The side roads are still covered in ice and snow. Thousands of people were without power yesterday. Seattle is a mess! People are throwing out words like snowmagedon and icepocolypse. (not sure how to spell those) Yesterday when I trekked out to get the mail I saw our neighbor leaving his house on cross-country skis! At least the view out of our window is peaceful. The main hummingbird that lives by our house is making good use of the feeder. The local racoons put a bunch of tracks in the snow on our deck. But it’s still a beautiful sight to see. I’m just tired of sitting around in my house. I can’t even get started on my big quilting project because I don’t have the supplies.

I admit there’s things around the house I could be doing, but instead I’ve been watching a lot of tv/netflix. We found an interesting series from the U.K. called “Being Human” and I’m sort of addicted. It’s about a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost living together in a house, trying to be normal. 😛 The show has great story lines and hilarious jokes.

Well, that’s the excitement of my life right now… so sad. We still have about 5-6 inches of snow and it’s got ice in it… from the freezing rain that came down yesterday. Yippy!


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