Still kicking

The last two weeks were a little tough for me. The snow is pretty much gone now and life is almost back to normal. I had some issues at work, but don’t want to go into them here. The good outcome is that I’ll be reducing my hours a little bit. I need more time to take care of my health, physically and mentally. Things are still in the works, but I should know early next week what my new schedule is going to be.

I saw my doctor Thursday evening to follow up on a medication and realized that I have gained TWENTY-FIVE pounds, SINCE OCTOBER! So yes, there’s obviously a big problem. She’s changing my med and I’m trying even harder to exercise more and eat healthier. My personal trainer wants me to get 60-90 minutes of exercise per day… that seems practically impossible to me, but might be doable with my new work schedule. We’ll see.

Yancy is totally supportive of anything I need to do to be healthier. He’s seriously the best husband ever!!! We’re working together on getting more exercise in, and having fun while doing it. We’re working also on our budget still and finding ways to save cash. We should be financially fine, even with my cut in hours/pay. I am doing better with cooking at home more and packing lunches… for myself anyways. We still need to get Yancy to take his own lunch more often. Things with his job are looking good, but it’s probably still going to be two months before/if he gets hired on full time at Amazon. Keep your fingers crossed. We are feeling optimistic about his job, but the small margin of uncertainty is still stressful.

Last weekend I bought the supplies for my quilt and set up the “craft area.” We have a HUGE upstairs room. One side functions as our bedroom and the other side has been a sort of collect-all pile of random stuff. My “corner of shame.” I was so excited to start my quilt last weekend that I didn’t take the time to go through things, but rather moved them around. So this weekend I’m doing the hard work of actually going through boxes & bins and organizing the things we want to keep. It feels good when you finish that kind of project. I still have 2 piles to sort through, but I’ve made good progress. The room looks bigger and cleaner, and is very functional.

This morning we got a massage. We were going to do a bike ride today, but are feeling a little lazy, so decided to do an indoor exercise video. This should be hilarious! 😛   Here’s photos from this last week:


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