Working out

We were up by 6:30am today to prepare for running practice… a refreshing 2.3 mile jog/walk in the rain. Yancy and I were feeling great afterwards. We joined some other people from the running group at Whole Foods for coffee while waiting for circuit training class (which doesn’t start until 10:30). I think Yancy and I are the youngest of that group, but I really enjoy hanging out with other people crazy enough to be outdoors on a crappy/cold Sunday morning going for an 8am run. These are our people. 🙂   Circuit training is an hour of exercises in a group setting, things like pushups, lunges, pull ups, V-sits, plank, jumping, squat/pulls… forty seconds of each exercise, twenty seconds of rest and to move the next station. It’s arranged in a circle around the room and there’s music and fun conversation (and sweat puddles in random places). Fun times! And a hot shower made me feel like a million bucks after! 🙂

Yancy and I went out for lunch, I had prime rib dip and sweet potato fries… I know, I know… poor choice. Dinner was steamed carrots and leftover chicken breast. I had a nap this afternoon and some time on the couch reading a book. I’m feeling rested and optimistic for what tomorrow might bring. Hopefully this new change in my schedule at work will be a refreshing change of pace.


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