I’m still waiting to see what happens with my schedule at work. I don’t think it’s going to be as good as I’d hoped after the initial conversation with my supervisor. Have you ever felt that someone just told you what you wanted to hear and then changed their mind the minute you walked away? That’s kind of how I feel at the moment, but I’m going to be patient and see how it works out.

This evening Yancy and I had a nice workout with our personal training. She called it “the Burns hour.”  🙂  I actually worked up enough of a sweat that it dripped on my shoulder and freaked me out.  😛  I’m struggling with negative self talk though… getting discouraged at the weight I gained over the last few months. It feels like I’m starting all over again fitness-wise. But I’m really not. My body was strong enough last year to do a 204 mile bike ride and a full marathon, it’ll catch back up soon.


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