Investing in my health

Cash is a little tight while we’re trying to pay off debts. But I decided to spend a little on myself this afternoon. After talking to a lady at exercise class this morning about her “body bugg” I decided I’d really like to try one. I’ve seen them used on “Biggest Loser” and at Gold’s Gym and have been interested in them for a while. Chris has been using hers for about a month and has already lost 8 pounds. She VERY highly recommended it. After some research (with Yancy’s help) I picked the one I wanted and ordered it through to get a better price, but here’s the web page for what I got: “Link Armband” It should arrive on Wednesday and I can’t wait to try out this fun new technology. The armband measures your calories burned throughout the day and even documents your amount of sleep. The one I’m getting downloads the data to my iPhone via Bluetooth so I can look at my stats whenever I want. I’ll enter all the food I eat into their web program (online or using an app on my iPhone) and it will tell me if my calorie deficit is enough to loose weight. I can set goals and get really detailed/scientific with the calories in/calories out. This will help me learn what foods I should avoid and what activities I should do more of. I’m really curious how many calories I burn in a typical ten hour day at work. The only drawback for this new toy is that you have to pay a subscription fee to use their program. It’s free for the first 3 months, then $6.95/month after. (much cheaper than Weight Watchers) I’ll let you know if it’s worth it.  🙂

I also bought “The Paleo Diet Cookbook” and am reading about the benefits of eating like our ancestors: basically no processed foods, grains, dairy, or refined sugars. You just eat all the lean meats, poultry, fish, seafood, fresh fruits, and vegetables you want (except potatoes & corn). We ordered the info book about athletes and the paleo diet. As an endurance athlete (with our triathlons, long bike rides & such) you sometimes do need to eat simple carbs for quick energy and recovery. I’m hoping this book will teach me when to do that, while helping me stick to a healthier diet the rest of the time ( this means no chocolate milk after a one hour workout session). I’d also like to know what foods are best to eat before hard exercise.

And… I got one more book “The Beck Diet Solution Weight Loss Workbook.” It’s an addition to a book I’ve had for several years. Dr Beck (who I believe is the parent of this author) did a lot of research on cognitive therapy. It’s way to change your thinking about certain issues. The reason many people fail diets is that they sabotage themselves. They return to bad habits (like an addict), they loose motivation and drive, maybe they never really believed they could do it, or maybe they just chose an unhealthy diet. This book partners any healthy diet you choose and helps with the mental aspect of making the lifestyle change. It helps you stay focused and make smarter decisions. I really believe we have the metal power to achieve any goal. We just have to learn to let the distractions fade away and not let sabotaging behaviors creep back in.

So yes, I’m ramping back up to make a lifestyle change. I have gained a serious amount of weight and need to do something serious to get it off. My knees and self esteem are already a mess. I’m hoping that this time I really can make a permanent change. Yancy and I really want to be healthier. We want to be more environmentally conscious. We want to be thinner, not only to feel better, but to have more fun doing the things we enjoy, like bike rides, triathlons, running events, hiking, and more.

This weekend I also scheduled my first session with a counselor (paid for by my amazing work benefits). I’d like to talk with her about reducing my stress and learning how to deal with certain situations better (like when I get upset at work by a certain person). I see her next Friday, and hopefully on a weekly basis for a while. When scheduling I asked her specifically about cognitive therapy. I don’t want to go to someone who’s going to try to prescribe me drugs for my problems. I want someone who will listen, then help me figure out my own solution.

Well, I’m ready to get back to my books. Stay tuned for updates.  🙂


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