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I recently “purchased” a new toy with my “applause points” from work. It’s a Kitchen Aid 9 cup food processor. We found it on our door step this morning when leaving to run errands. Yay! Applause points are Virgina Mason’s way of giving small bonuses. When a manager recognizes you for good work, you can get points which you can then use on their web site to purchase different gifts. They have everything from movie tickets to airline miles, kitchen gadgets to furniture. I had enough points for this food processor which would cost about $180 from the store. Shipping was free. The only cost to me was tax on the monetary value of the bonuses (which was automatically deducted from my paycheck).

When I was deciding how to spend my points, I had considered getting a blender, but thought the processor would be more useful with the new Paleo diet. Well yesterday I saw an add for a special sale at Fred Meyers that had kitchen blenders on sale for 50% off during certain hours. One of the blenders was the one I had been considering. So Yancy and I went to check it out today. The Kitchen Aid blender ended up being on sale for $99, then half off the sale price between 7am & 1pm!  So I got a REALLY NICE blender for $50! And a food processor practically for free! Two new toys in the kitchen! And they even match.  🙂

The newest members of my kitchen staff 🙂

This afternoon we had visitors! 🙂 Yancy’s uncle & aunt from Pullman came to see us. I cooked a slightly modified version of the turkey bake I made a few months ago (this time without flour or butter). It still had bread, which is not on my diet. The bake has turkey on the bottom and yummy homemade stuffing on the top… tastes MUCH better than it sounds! Our side dishes were roasted butternut squash and steamed broccoli. The meal was a hit and ended up being dinner as well. 😛 Desert was some fresh fruit that was out this world. So simple, but so tasty!!!


So today ended up not being a perfect day for my diet, but I’m actually feeling ok with that. I planned ahead and made sure that only one element of the meal was “bad” and that the rest was super healthy. Hard to complain about 97% fat free turkey breast, portobello mushrooms, onion, celery, squash, broccoli, and fresh fruits. The only other little thing was that the dried cranberries did have a little sugar. The book I’m using as my guide to Paleo eating suggests that you start with an 85/15 approach. That means you eat according to plan 85% of the time and can cheat 15% of the time, which equals 3 meals per week. So now I’ve had my 2 cheat meals. The rest of the week is going to have to be on the straight and narrow. But I’m not complaining, so far I love eating Paleo. We’ve got some fantastic dishes on the menu this week!


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  1. Mom
    Feb 15, 2012 @ 09:38:27

    Is this paleo diet going to help you with weight loss or is it mainly for overall health? I am having a hard time getting started on my “weight loss challenge” at the hospital, because I have been so busy working. I need MOTIVATION!!


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