Happy Valentines Day!

Yesterday was pretty low key. I think I’m really going to enjoy having Mondays off over the next few months. I had a massage and ran some errands and took a nap. In the evening I had a good training session with Cathy… lots of work on the glutes and hips. I stepped on the scale at the gym and am down 3 pounds from the Friday before.

I’m getting over my cold pretty quickly and not using as much cold medication as I have in the past. A side effect of the new diet? Not sure. I am feeling pretty good though. Today it was back to work. The day was pretty busy and had some rough patches. Actually lost my cool with some lady on the phone who was being totally irrational and going off of a tirade. I was able to help her, but it took ALL of my patience!

Coming home was the highlight of my day. I bought wild caught king crab and bottle of wine yesterday at Whole Foods and was really excited to have a fancy feast with Yancy to celebrate Valentines Day. We ended up standing at the counter and eating the crab cold with a side of steamed asparagus and our wine. WOW, a simple but AMAZING dinner! And it was fun. Yancy bought me a very thoughtful gift. A pair of sea turtle earrings (which he technically had made for me). Also I had asked him to go to the kitchen store for a couple items. He upgraded my meat thermometer to this SUPER fancy digital one. Can’t wait to use it! I also got a crab/nut cracker and an apple corer (not sure if that’s the right spelling). You set it on an apple and push down to core and slice the apple. Did a test run with a honey crisp apple and it worked great.

I’m also really proud of how well I’m doing on my diet. I’m eating plenty of food, but since it’s almost all whole foods, the calorie content has been low. Today I consumed less than 1300 calories, while with regular work and walking around at home I burned over 2540 calories! Definitely a calorie deficit for the day.  🙂

Tomorrow is going to be another fun day. In the morning I’m planning to start beef stew in the crock pot. We have some leftover crab meat that I’m going to incorporate into breakfast. For lunch I might be meeting my sister and her boyfriend from Montana as they’re traveling through Washington. And of course coming home to hot dinner is always great.

Hope all my friends and family are having a wonderful Valentines Day. I’m not a fan of the cheesy materialism of the day, but it’s a fun excuse to splurge on your loved ones. And I’m so happy that I have a special love in my life. I love you Yancy!!!  🙂


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