Cooking & eating out

Still going strong with Paleo cooking when at home. Breakfasts have more veggies and less fat. Today we had “bacon” with breakfast and loved it. I found a 94% fat free turkey bacon at Whole Foods that is way healthier than traditional bacon and has no preservatives. After cooking four pieces there wasn’t enough grease in the pan to cook eggs.

Last night for dinner we had FRESH wild caught salmon. Not an every day meal due to price, but so worth it! I baked the fish and served it with roasted butternut squash (my new favorite thing) and steamed broccoli & asparagus. Wow, such amazing flavors and so healthy!

Yancy loves all the food I’m cooking. He’s not as committed to the new diet as I am, but he’s still benefiting from it. We’re both feeling a little more energetic and have happier digestive systems. I think I’m sleeping better and got over my cold quicker than normal. Plus I think I’ve already lost 7 pounds! I’ll have to double check that on the scale at the gym tomorrow (don’t really trust mine due to uneven tiles in the bathroom).

Eating paleo at home isn’t as hard as I’d thought it would be. I’ve only made three compromises: flavored coffee creamer is the one “bad” thing we’ve allowed to stay in the kitchen, and I’m still using pre-made chicken broth and canned stewed tomatoes, but both are organic with little to no preservatives. Otherwise, it’s all organic whole foods in this house! (check out pics below)

Eating out is MUCH harder. We’re doing that less, and I’m being much more careful with my choices. But I also realize that we live in the 21st century and we are very busy, non-paleo meals are going to happen. Plus it’s fun to have a special treat every once in a while. As long as you are paying attention to not overindulge, I say go for it now and then. Today we did just that. We had crepes and lattes for lunch. Mine was a spicy southwest crepe and Yancy went for banana/nutella. Definitely not on our diet, but breakfast and dinner will be totally paleo. And we did lots of walking around today to burn the extra calories.


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