Well, I sorta chickened out of my 3 mile run this morning due to ridiculously sore calve muscles. I did go to circuit training, but kinda pussed out on some of the exercises… pretty much anything that included jumping. Still worked up a sweat and felt like I roasted some calories. Afterwards we ended up getting lunch and a few groceries from Whole Foods and going home. I was feeling a little guilty about skipping the run. Especially because I’ll be doing a 5k race in 2 weeks… and haven’t run in the last 2 weeks.

Yancy and I have been watching the 2010 season of Biggest Looser on Netflix and I’m getting inspired (it’s the best season so far in my opinion). After 2 episodes this afternoon I finally worked up the motivation to go to the pool for some lap swimming. I swam a mile in the indoor pool, IN 37 MINUTES (that’s 32 laps or 64 lengths). I’m really happy that I still have that kind of fitness even though I really haven’t been training in the pool. I LOVE SWIMMING! Except today I realized that swimming is not only an upper body workout. My calves hurt almost the entire time, but especially when pushing off the wall. The hot tub helped a bit, but they seem even more sore this evening.. didn’t realize that was possible.  Definitely feeling more motivated to climb stairs whenever I get the chance. I felt pretty strong on Friday for doing those stairs 5 times, but feeling pretty humbled today when I can hardly walk due to stiff calve muscles. Well, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? Bring it on!  🙂

For dinner Yancy and I shared a lean buffalo steak, a “baked” sweet potato, and some steamed broccoli. I had fresh fruit for desert and he had chocolate milk.  😛  I’m sitting here typing away and suffering from the hiccups. I get them hardcore! Wish I knew what caused them so I could avoid it.

Tomorrow morning we are doing a fasting blood draw before going out for breakfast. It’s a free thing through work. I’ll tell you more when I get the results later in the week. I have a fun and active day planned with some friends. Hope the calves cooperate!  😛


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