Busy busy

Today Yancy and I were a “sag wagon” for a Team in Training group bike practice. Apparently 2 weeks ago on a 25 mile ride they had a TON of mechanical issues and had to pull lots of riders off the road. Only one rider needed help today, guess we brought them good luck. It was so much fun meeting back up with our “TNT family,” lots of happy hellos and hugs. Yancy and I both had fun cheering them on at different points of their ride. We were motivated to see them out practicing, but maybe a little too happy that we weren’t riding those hills with them. πŸ˜› The shorter route was 25 miles and the longer route was a HILLY 39 miles around Kirkland. The weather was decent for a ride (and for standing around), and got even better through the day. By the time we had lunch and went over the lake to North Seattle it was sunny and beautiful out. We picked up our shirts and race numbers for tomorrow’s 5k run. March 4th, the date that is also a command. The weather should be great and there will be lots of people we know there. Can’t wait! And immediately after our run Yancy and I will be climbing some stairs! I’m not sure if we’ll repeat the Howe Street stairs I did a few weeks ago or try the ones at Golden Gardens. We only have about 3 weeks until our BIG CLIMB event… 69 flights of stairs (1311 steps) to raise funds for cancer research and patient care (the same organization TNT raises $ for). We joined a team climbing in honor of Greg Dymerski, who is currently fighting for his life against a type of lymphoma cancer (can’t remember off the top of my head). Yancy and I met Greg last year though TNT. His wife, Yvonne, is leading our team. How’s that for motivation? She is doing this for her husband who’s battling cancer. We do it mostly for fun, but in honor of these brave people. All things in perspective huh?

Last week was kinda tough for me, actually the last two weeks were. I found myself really struggling to stay positive and stay motivated. I gained about a pound and a half back. But I’m not going to let the scale stress me too much. I’ve also had some great work outs recently and can feel muscles aching in places I had forgotten about. I did a one-on-one pilates session with my friend Stacy who recently became a certified trainer. She’s a great teacher and a good motivation. I’ll be working more with her on my core strength… those exercises I hate, but REALLY need. Cathy gave me tough workout on Friday, to the point where I dripped sweat, but came out smiling. I kinda like getting pushed hard and realizing how strong I am (except when it comes to pushups and plank poses… still a wuss on those).

Yancy and I are finally getting ready to sit down and work on our budget. We’ve talked about this for YEARS and I’m embarrassed to stay that we never finish it. We just pay our bills and spend the rest. With the amount of money we make, we should have a lot more to show for it. It makes me feel ashamed. I consider myself pretty smart… but sure can be dumb sometimes. But my new life theme is just do it. Set goals and go for it! Yancy and I have too much stress about money. It’s time to stop stressing and confront our issues head on. Fortunately we’re on the same page about this and won’t be fighting. I have to say that I am so lucky to have the husband I do. We get along so well and never fight. Seriously! πŸ™‚

Another recent source of stress is the fact that I can’t find my next check book. I have searched my whole house a few times over and can’t find the box. I don’t believe I would have used the last book without ordering more. I think what happened is that I shredded them thinking I had newer checks with our current address… but I never ordered them. I now have new ones ordered, but can’t stop thinking of what I did with the old ones. And it sucks because I actually need the checks for rent and a few other things! Argh!

Diet wasn’t as good this week again. Yancy has had a pretty upset stomach and I’ve felt kind of guilty for going off diet, so we’re both getting re-committed. We went shopping together this evening and have the house restocked. Lets hope for a better week ahead!


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