Test results

I forgot to post about my fasting blood test results… for those who might care. Blood sugar was normal at 89. Triglycerides were super low at 55 (anything under 150 is normal), but the cholesterol levels weren’t as good as they’ve been in the past. Good cholesterol was slightly lower than optimal and bad cholesterol was slightly higher. Yancy’s were very similar to mine, but his sugars were higher. This was a good eye opener! We kind of stopped taking our fish oil supplements a while back and probably don’t get enough fish in our diet. I’ve increase dark leafy greens in the diet, but think we need even more. We also eat an average of 7 eggs/week, sometimes more. I don’t think that’s necessarily bad, but I’m going to look at other paleo breakfast options as well as add more almonds and walnuts to our diet. We’re very concerned about our inner health (heart, joints, etc), even though we tend to focus more on active health (triathlons and such). Adding the Paleo diet to our training plan really helps… now we just need to stick to both plans!!!


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