Fun Sunday!

Yesterday was a lot of fun. We kicked it off with a 5k run (March Forth!) at GreenLake. It was cold, but well attended and we knew a BUNCH of people there. It’s really fun going to a sporting event and running into lots of friends! All made through TNT of course, but still very cool. I kinda felt like a celeb coming through the finish line with a bunch of people calling out my name. :O) I ran most of the time, even though I’m still a little slow, I think I made a new personal best 5k run time just shy of 38 minutes. I’m happy with that! Yancy left me in the dust during the last mile and finished in something like 34 minutes. What a studd!!! 😉

After the run it was crazy cold! I stood in the “freezing” wind filling out the paperwork and doing a cheek swab to join the national registry of bone marrow donors. Yancy did it too. We also talked to a greyhound adoption center. For some reason I’ve always had the notion that adopting a greyhound was very difficult and expensive, but it’s really not! Who knows, maybe later in the year Yancy and I could adopt a new family member. :O)

After a snack and sitting in the car long enough to thaw out, Yancy and I did 4 repeats of the Howe Street stairs I did a few weeks ago. My asthma was kicking in a little towards the end (as it had during the last half mile of my run and the last time I did the stairs). I used my inhaler and felt fine within 10 minutes. It’s frustrating to have asthma, at least it’s really mild. It mainly flares up when I’m doing vigorous activity outdoors. I’ve been tested twice and they can’t find any allergies to blame. Ah well, with the inhaler it doesn’t have any impact on my ability to finish my exercise… just an annoyance. I made Yancy do some stretches and am hoping he doesn’t have the nearly debilitating calf pain I had after my first time on those stairs. We went to Jimmy John’s for a well deserved sub sandwich after all that exercise.

We met with a mortgage banker to discuss options about home loans. We have good credit and are pre-approved for a loan, but don’t have money for the down-payment. We make too much $$ to qualify for a “first time home buyer bond” to help with the down-payment. It was good information for us though, and good motivation to get serious with our budget. We looked over our spending for the last year and have pinpointed some areas to work on. We also watched some videos to learn how to better use the budget program we already have (YNAB). We’ve mainly been using the program as a check register, but it’s capable of so much more. Tonight we’re going to sit down together and get the new budget worked out. We’re hoping to move to Seattle in the Spring to be closer to Yancy’s job. Keep your fingers crossed, we’re still waiting to find out if he’s going to get offered the full time position at Amazon. He has to interview for his own job. Sounds hopeful though because his manager at Amazon really wants to hire him. The waiting is starting to get under my skin, I can’t even imagine the kind of stress Yancy is dealing with.

To finish off our Sunday we sat down to a board game of sorts. It’s technically a dungeons and dragons game, something about a vampire, but you play with board pieces and cards. It was pretty slow because we were learning how to play, but I guess it could be fun. I’m just trying not to let Yancy get any ideas in his head that I may become a gamer… I just don’t have the patience or the interest. But I’m trying because I know it’s something he enjoys and it’s something we can do in the evenings other than zoning out in front of the tv.

Dinner was some delicious talapia fillets cooked with turkey bacon and some broccoli. Super tasty! Tonight I have some stuffed pork chops and asparagus. I’m mostly back on track with the Paleo Diet and already starting to feel better. Tomorrow it’s back to work for 3 ten hour days….


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