Everybody loves kung fu fighting

I just received a totally random call. There’s a local martial arts school offering free self defense classes. I gave them my contact info at the March Fourth Run and had forgotten all about it. So I made an appointment for Saturday afternoon. Yancy’s getting suckered into coming with me for moral support. Not sure what a self defense class entails, but I think it should be fun and maybe worthwhile.

It’s definitely still winter here in Seattle even though there are flowers on many of the trees. We’ve had a few days of intermittent snow, but it’s not sticking down here in Bellevue. It’s nice to be inside and warm on these kinds of nights. I do miss the fireplace at our last home though… Tonight’s dinner was egg drop soup (chicken broth, bok choy, and scrambled egg) with some BBQ pork and hot mustard to warm us up. Yum!


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