Wa hooo!

Yay, I made it to the weekend! The week was ok, but it kind of went by in a blur. This weekend will be busy too. I left work a little early today to meet Yancy and head to North Seattle to check out a duplex near Green Lake. It was a “no go” which is sad because the location was awesome. Ah well. Like I’ve said before, we have lots of time. I have a few other places lined up to check out this weekend, so we’ll see what happens. The night wasn’t a total wash because we met our friends Stephanie and Mike for a great dinner and desert (2 dif places). We had a great time hanging out. I really hope we end up living close to them so we can get together more often.  🙂

Random note: I’m getting more and more excited for the arrival of our new king size bed, only 4 more nights on the old bed!!!

Back to today: Breakfast this morning was a little fiasco which made me late for work. I recently had the idea to prep a bunch of fruit and put it in the freezer, thinking I could just take some out and make a smoothie. Well, today I learned it’s not that easy. First off the fruit was frozen into one solid brick. I finally broke some off and put into my magic bullet (which I’ve made smoothies with in the past) but it wouldn’t blend the frozen fruit. At this point my whining/cursing had brought Yancy into the kitchen. He transferred the fruit to my Kitchen Aid blender and added a little bit of his greek yogurt. Even the fancy blender wouldn’t break up my rock hard fruit. So we kept adding water and used a spoon to mash it a little before finally ending up with a sorbet. It tasted fantastic but was still really thick and not like the smoothie I had imagined. So now I know to put my fruit in smaller bags for the freezer and to keep some juice on hand for the mixing process.

Tomorrow should be fun. I’m going downtown with Yancy for breakfast, then volunteering at a blood drive at the Fred Hutchison building. Who knows what the evening has in store… maybe a nap.  😛

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