Upside down

Well all my plans for the busy weekend pretty much went bottom up. But that’s ok, I’m enjoying the free time. The blood drive that I was going to volunteer at on Friday and Saturday got cancelled, I had already rescheduled the self defense class, and then I got stood up for my massage. So other than looking at a few rentals in Seattle, Yancy and I have zero plans for the weekend. Kinda nice actually.  🙂

I ended up going to work with Yancy for a little bit on Friday morning after breakfast. Not a lot of his coworkers were there, but the few that I met were really nice. And almost all of them said something about exercise or racing to me. It’s funny, they must think I’m a fitness fanatic from what Yancy tells them about me. 🙂  It’s ok, I’d rather have that reputation than one of “the ball and chain.”

Yancy at his work station (race events written on the wall).


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