Phew, it’s been a turbulent week already! The new bed is great, but the “satin” sheets were a total fail! The blanket slides right off and my pillow keeps slipping out from under my head. At least we got a back up pair of cotton sheets which work prefect. The bed is firm, but super comfortable. I love it! But I’d probably be sleeping better if I didn’t have so much on my mind. Yancy’s interview at Amazon proper was yesterday and he should be getting the yes/no in the next day or two. We’re pretty optimistic that they’ll offer him the job, but there’s still the real possibility that he could be unemployed next month. We’re looking at rentals which isn’t really fun. And I’ve had some issues at my job… don’t want to go into it on the blog, but basically, I’m also looking for a new job. LOTS of things are changing over the next few weeks. Stress levels are HIGH. But we’re hanging in there. Yancy and I have great communication and a good support network, so we’ll pull through. Sometimes change is hard, but it can be good.


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