Roller coaster

I think I’m pms’ing today. It’s probably politically incorrect to say that, but we all know that sometimes ladies have a few days when they are unreasonably emotional. I pretty much broke into tears today after getting a speeding ticket. I thought I was doing 35 in a 30mph zone, coasting down the hill, but the cop (who was being sneaky and hiding around a corner) said he clocked me at 40mph. Got a $113 ticket… for doing what everyone does on that hill everyday. And he said he was doing me a favor by marking it as only 5mph over the limit! I’ve been stressing out this weekend about my job. I can’t go back and reverse my decision to quit, and I wouldn’t want to. But I’m wishing the timing had been different. It’s going to make things next month very tight. Also stressing about what I want to do for my next job. I definitely want to work part time so that I can spend more time getting healthy and being a most excellent house wife. Yancy’s on the same page here. 🙂  But the question is what kind of work will I do? If I stay in eye care I’ll make more $. If I follow my dream of working in physical therapy it will be a big financial sacrifice. Which is more important, money or happiness? I’m honestly not sure how to answer that because one without the other still leaves problems. I wish I could shake a magic ball and get an answer! The decision I make in the next few weeks will weigh on my future for a long time, maybe even forever. I love adventure and trying new things, but it seems I am more hesitant the older I get. Well, I have lots to think about.

Yancy is still waiting to hear back on his official start date for the new job. But this is definitely his last week with the contract company. And he definitely won’t get a paycheck for one month. I foresee lots of chicken and veggie dinners. Maybe even some pasta… But things will work out like they always do. We still haven’t heard back on our application for the rental in Seattle. The landlord said he should get back to me tomorrow. I’d at least like to have that finalized so that I’m not wondering where we’re living WHILE wondering where I’ll be working. I don’t need more stress!

At least I got a good workout in today with the personal trainer. She’s leaving for Hawaii tomorrow with the triathlon group she’s coaching. I REALLY wish I was going too!!! Lavaman was my first triathlon and still holds very strong emotions for me, good nostalgic feelings. 🙂 After my workout I went to the swim club to sit in the hot tub. We did the Big Climb yesterday (will do separate post on that) so I was feeling really tired  and not up for a second workout.

Surprisingly my legs are feeling fine today. Especially after a massage this evening. Here’s a picture of what I looked like after the massage, note the red line on my face (from the face pillow) and hair all crazy from the lotion.  :O)

Should I keep this style?

Dinner was chicken breast stuffed with asparagus, mushrooms, and pepperjack cheese, served with steamed carrots with curry seasoning. And there may have been some ice cream…. remind me not to go to the grocery store when having a shitty day.


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