Yay for Fridays!

It’s only after 2pm and I already feel like I’ve had a full day. Yancy and I had appointments this morning for doctor and dentist. He had a BUNCH of work done on his teeth. Afterwords I drove him into Seattle and we went out for lunch. Soup for him and turkey club for me. Then we went to his work and I got to meet more of his coworkers. They were really nice, and even a little bit funny (for geeks). Yancy’s mouth has regained feeling, but he’s still a little sore. They must have had him in the chair for at least two hours! Poor guy. No real plans for the rest of the day. The weather is miserable and it seems like the perfect time to lay on the couch under lots of blankets and watch a movie. šŸ™‚

Tomorrow morning we’re going to our future rental home to pay our deposit and sign a “hold” contract for the lease starting on May 1st. We’re planning to go walk or jog at Green Lake… hope the weather is better. In the evening we’re going to the Sounders game. One of the doctors in the clinic I work at has season tickets and can’t make the game so he gave them to me for free. How cool is that!?! Our friends Mike & Joey will be there too. Whoo hoo! Again, crossing my fingers that the weather is good or at least decent. And that we get to watch the Sounders win ANOTHER game at home (they won both of the first 2 home games).


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