Moooove on out!

We’ve finally arrived to the big move day. It’s about 7:30am and I’m having some coffee and getting ready to finish up the last few loose boxes. The hard work is yet to begin. Finding new homes for all our stuff in a smaller place with serious storage issues. Plus it’ll be fun unpacking the boxes Yancy & I shoved random things into.  😛   Oh ya, and of course it’s raining after being nice all weekend….



We signed our lease yesterday and got the keys to our new rental. The next day and a half will be spent finishing up the packing. The moving truck arrives Monday morning. It’s going to be one extremely busy day! Yancy’s dad came over last night. We had dinner and watched a BBC show about modern day Sherlock Holmes. Great show! To save us some storage headaches, Yancy’s dad offered to take a few things back to his place in Oroville. We loaded the treadmill and a few other things into his truck this morning. I sold my motorcycle earlier this week (and the other one is already in Oroville) so now the garage is looking very roomy. In fact, there’s actually not as much left to pack as I’d thought there’d be. Once we’re moved into to the new place I’ll take some pictures and post them here. It’s definitely going to be a big change!


Looks like I missed a whole week of blogging. Ooops. I’ve been busy, but not busy. Doing lots of nothing mixed in with lots of business. Today I’m packing and organizing. The big project this morning was my closet… well, it’s going to extend into the afternoon too. But I’m feeling good about what I’m getting done. Trying to weed out excess junk while packing. I was joking with Yancy that I seem to have a hard time giving up my t-shirts. Seriously have a whole box of shirts I like and don’t want to part with. We’ve already got the book shelves & DVD’s packed and most of my art stuff.

Last weekend was a lot of fun just spending time with Yancy. We had a fun date on Friday night; an improv show in Seattle, then drinks at Paddy Coynes in Bellevue. Saturday was lots of errands. We even went window shopping at Ikea. We’ll be needing a dresser soon as well as a microwave and some carpets. In the past Yancy has joked that I just like to move so I can buy more stuff. This time we really do need to make some purchases, but I’m not as excited about that since I’m not working. Shopping just isn’t as fun when you’re broke. This is teaching me valuable lessons on appreciating & making the most of what you have.

We go sign the lease for the new place on Friday evening. The big move day is Monday, a week from today. There’s lots to do. The weather this week is amazing and I’m feeling excited about life. Everything will work out fine like it always does for us. Guess I better get back to work. 🙂


I had a really nice weekend! Great time spent with Yancy. We ran errands yesterday and went out for dinner. This morning we did the Captain Jack’s 8k race in Kirkland. Since we haven’t trained and I am still recovering from a NASTY cold, we weren’t expecting to do well. But we were only about 9-10 minutes longer than last year’s time. And we had fun. I actually ran into the guy who inspired me to try my first triathlon. Looking back I can honestly say that one conversation with him has actually changed my life. I went to a TNT info meeting thinking of signing up for a half marathon, but after talking to this guy Steve, decided to give triathlon a try. And most of you know the story from there… a new addiction and a better me. 🙂 I really enjoyed saying thank you to him, and it probably made his day.

I’ve had tons of compliments on my hair this weekend!!! Random people in stores are saying how much they love it! And I’ve even had a few ladies say they want to try the same thing. Now I’m feeling better about my decision… at first I was worried about the negative judgement that people would pass on me. But the fact that I really like it, and I get lots of complaints makes up for that.

This afternoon I went to a surprise bridal shower for our friend Jessica. It was really nice to hang out with some ladies and celebrate.


A friend posted this on FB, kinda hilarious. I’ve had a couple of these issues….

Problems That Only Busty Girls Have

Thought it’d be fun to start the day off with a smile.   🙂


I’m pretty sick and tired of being sick and tired. Other than almost crying last night from ear pain, I’m feeling better today. Slept in again and laid on the couch most of the day. My head feels like it’s full of cement… and most of it on one side so that I feel all wonky whenever I get up. Everything sounds muted, except that I can hear what sounds like my heart beating in my right ear. But this is progress. I’ll be back to normal in no time! Tomorrow I might even get up and take a shower at 6am to get Yancy off to work. I’m also hoping to talk to someone about a part time job tomorrow. Will post more on that when I have more info. But I really need to get busy with the giant project of organizing my house for a move in 18 days. Yikes, that’ll be here before I know it! This stupid cold is wasting my time!

Tonight’s dinner was turkey shish-ka-bobs with portabella mushrooms, onion, cherry tomatoes, and pineapple chunks (cooked in the oven broiler) served with salad. Pretty tasty and healthy!


Sick and lazy

It’s nearly 4pm and I’ve barely showered. Other than driving Yancy to the coffee shop and bus stop, I really haven’t accomplished much today… just one load of laundry and lots of sleep. This cold has really kicked my @$$. Yancy has been super sweet. I told him this morning that I was doing a really terrible job in my first week of being a house wife, he replied with “that’s ok, you’re on sick leave.”  🙂

I tried weighing myself again this afternoon and just about threw the scale away. Supposedly I’d lost 7 pounds from the last time I weighed. I was suspicious so I moved the scale to another part of the bathroom floor and tried again. The scale read another 3 pounds lost in about 15 seconds! So basically I cannot trust this stupid scale. It think it has to do with the tiled floor in the bathroom. Even if I wanted to go downstairs in the nude a try the scale on the “wood” floor, I doubt it’s any more even. Ah well. I’ll just use the professional scale at my personal trainer’s studio on Friday. The numbers don’t really matter that much anyways. I can feel that I’ve gained some weight. As soon as I’m done with this F-ing cold I can get back to my exercise and shed the fat.

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