Fun weekend!

Not sure when reality will come crushing down, but so far I’m enjoying not having a job. I’m pretty wiped out after working very hard the last three days because of short staffing. And I’m coming down with another cold… hoping that vitamins and rest can ward it off. But other than the tiredness and sore throat, I’m a happy camper. Yancy and I went out for a wonderful dinner on Thursday evening. And on Friday I did something fun and crazy… died my hair purple! Partially I did it as a celebration of freedom from rules (no longer have a job that tells me what I can’t do with my hair), but also as a conversation piece for Team In Training who’s known by their purple shirts and banners. It’s much darker than I had originally planned, but I really love it. Yancy loves it too, he says I look like a rocker chick. 🙂 I put a few pictures below, but I’ll post another in a few days when the dye fades a little.

This morning Yancy and I had enjoyed driving around as “sag wagon” for a TNT team doing the Flying Wheels bike route. They did a gruesome 65 mile ride out in the country, complete with rough roads and lots of long hills. We’ve done the 45 mile version of that ride before and had much sympathy for the team. But it was a BEAUTIFUL day out and everyone did a great job. Our sag services weren’t needed but the team still made it abundantly clear that they appreciated us being there. They even gave us a thank you card with a coffee certificate and some cash for gas. We brought them water and cookies/brownies after their ride. Their race is in one month so this was probably the peak ride of their training season. It was inspiring to watch them trudge through such a tough ride with smiles on their faces. And with the sunshine, I’m itching to get back on my own bike.  🙂

Now we’re watching the Sounders game. They’re in Washington DC right now and doing ok. Score is still 0-0 at half time. For dinner I’m really craving soup. Maybe I’ll order some Pho and go pick it up. In case you didn’t guess with my lack of posts about food, I’ve totally fallen off the paleo wagon. But I’m ready to get back to it. Next week is my first week as a “house wife” and cooking three healthy meals a day will be at the top of my priority list so that both Yancy and I can start loosing weight before our triathlon training season starts. Hold me to it!


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