Sick and lazy

It’s nearly 4pm and I’ve barely showered. Other than driving Yancy to the coffee shop and bus stop, I really haven’t accomplished much today… just one load of laundry and lots of sleep. This cold has really kicked my @$$. Yancy has been super sweet. I told him this morning that I was doing a really terrible job in my first week of being a house wife, he replied with “that’s ok, you’re on sick leave.”  🙂

I tried weighing myself again this afternoon and just about threw the scale away. Supposedly I’d lost 7 pounds from the last time I weighed. I was suspicious so I moved the scale to another part of the bathroom floor and tried again. The scale read another 3 pounds lost in about 15 seconds! So basically I cannot trust this stupid scale. It think it has to do with the tiled floor in the bathroom. Even if I wanted to go downstairs in the nude a try the scale on the “wood” floor, I doubt it’s any more even. Ah well. I’ll just use the professional scale at my personal trainer’s studio on Friday. The numbers don’t really matter that much anyways. I can feel that I’ve gained some weight. As soon as I’m done with this F-ing cold I can get back to my exercise and shed the fat.


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