I had a really nice weekend! Great time spent with Yancy. We ran errands yesterday and went out for dinner. This morning we did the Captain Jack’s 8k race in Kirkland. Since we haven’t trained and I am still recovering from a NASTY cold, we weren’t expecting to do well. But we were only about 9-10 minutes longer than last year’s time. And we had fun. I actually ran into the guy who inspired me to try my first triathlon. Looking back I can honestly say that one conversation with him has actually changed my life. I went to a TNT info meeting thinking of signing up for a half marathon, but after talking to this guy Steve, decided to give triathlon a try. And most of you know the story from there… a new addiction and a better me. 🙂 I really enjoyed saying thank you to him, and it probably made his day.

I’ve had tons of compliments on my hair this weekend!!! Random people in stores are saying how much they love it! And I’ve even had a few ladies say they want to try the same thing. Now I’m feeling better about my decision… at first I was worried about the negative judgement that people would pass on me. But the fact that I really like it, and I get lots of complaints makes up for that.

This afternoon I went to a surprise bridal shower for our friend Jessica. It was really nice to hang out with some ladies and celebrate.


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