Looks like I missed a whole week of blogging. Ooops. I’ve been busy, but not busy. Doing lots of nothing mixed in with lots of business. Today I’m packing and organizing. The big project this morning was my closet… well, it’s going to extend into the afternoon too. But I’m feeling good about what I’m getting done. Trying to weed out excess junk while packing. I was joking with Yancy that I seem to have a hard time giving up my t-shirts. Seriously have a whole box of shirts I like and don’t want to part with. We’ve already got the book shelves & DVD’s packed and most of my art stuff.

Last weekend was a lot of fun just spending time with Yancy. We had a fun date on Friday night; an improv show in Seattle, then drinks at Paddy Coynes in Bellevue. Saturday was lots of errands. We even went window shopping at Ikea. We’ll be needing a dresser soon as well as a microwave and some carpets. In the past Yancy has joked that I just like to move so I can buy more stuff. This time we really do need to make some purchases, but I’m not as excited about that since I’m not working. Shopping just isn’t as fun when you’re broke. This is teaching me valuable lessons on appreciating & making the most of what you have.

We go sign the lease for the new place on Friday evening. The big move day is Monday, a week from today. There’s lots to do. The weather this week is amazing and I’m feeling excited about life. Everything will work out fine like it always does for us. Guess I better get back to work. 🙂


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