We signed our lease yesterday and got the keys to our new rental. The next day and a half will be spent finishing up the packing. The moving truck arrives Monday morning. It’s going to be one extremely busy day! Yancy’s dad came over last night. We had dinner and watched a BBC show about modern day Sherlock Holmes. Great show! To save us some storage headaches, Yancy’s dad offered to take a few things back to his place in Oroville. We loaded the treadmill and a few other things into his truck this morning. I sold my motorcycle earlier this week (and the other one is already in Oroville) so now the garage is looking very roomy. In fact, there’s actually not as much left to pack as I’d thought there’d be. Once we’re moved into to the new place I’ll take some pictures and post them here. It’s definitely going to be a big change!


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