Still kicking

It’s been a very busy week. The move itself went pretty well. There was just one little issue… our couch literally wouldn’t fit into the house. The moving service offers storage (free for the first 30 days) so we sent the couch/recliner set back with them. Some friends will be taking it off of our hands. The problem remaining is that we have no furniture… just some lawn chairs. We picked out a little futon from Ikea and will be picking that up today as well as an armchair (with a rented zip truck). The new place is quite a bit smaller than what we’ve been in for the last few years and has storage issues (as in no closets) so finding new homes for our belongings has been difficult. The kitchen is a big problem because after getting a microwave (&even a smaller dish rack), there is hardly any food-prep space on the counter. But I’m pretty good at organization and will get this place figured out shortly.

Colby is still adjusting. The move was stressful for him and he didn’t warm up to this place as quickly as he has to previous homes. Probably because there are NO carpets and no stairs to race up and down. The are plenty of things to climb on though and he’s kind of driving me crazy. Apparently climbing over my desk and through the display shelf is his preferred route from the office to the living room (instead of walking around). Also, the kitchen counter being lower seems to have given him “permission” to jump up there even though he’s known for years that he is not allowed on counters! But since he has little else to do here I kind of feel bad about yelling at him (except when he gets on the kitchen counter… that’s gonna stop fast).

I have been working my tail off these last few days and this place is finally starting to feel like home. But there’s still so much left to do. Today’s projects are to finish organizing the bathroom and living room. Tomorrow morning I have my second interview for a part time position at LLS (same organization we raise $ for).  Then I’m heading to Spokane for a girls weekend and 12K race. I have been so distracted with the move that I haven’t done any running at all so I’m pretty sure that those 8 miles are really going to hurt. I just have to remember to pace myself, wear my best socks (with some glide), and stay hydrated. Even though I feel bad leaving so soon after moving, I think getting away for a little while will be good for me. And I’m hoping to come back and have a job. This being at home all day by myself just isn’t for me.

Diet-wise we are pretty much off the wagon again. There’s been a lot of stress and distractions (& meals out while our house was in disarray). But we’re planning to get back on track and into some sort of routine next week. It’ll help that we start triathlon training next weekend also. When you have regular practices with other people it’s easier to stay motivated. And for some reason when I’m exercising regularly I tend to crave healthier foods (well part of the time anyways). The first home cooked meal in this house was a beef roast with veggies and baby potatoes in the crock pot. This morning we had our first homemade pot of coffee. I made scrambled eggs with fresh mushrooms and canadian bacon. When I get my cook books unpacked later today I’m going to flip through some of the Paleo books to get re-inspired.  🙂

Here’s a few pictures of Colby:


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