Fun weekend (longish post with pics)

Another fantastic weekend in the books! It started Friday with my interview at LLS. Looks like I’ll start work later this week! πŸ™‚ I originally had planned to leave for Spokane that afternoon, but decided to stay home for another night of good rest (fighting off a cold). We ended up making dinner plans with our friends Stephanie and Mike, but when we got to the place several other friends were already there so it ended up being a nice big dinner group. It was a lot of fun. We’re definitely going to love this new neighborhood!

I got up earlyish on Saturday morning and hit the road (after breakfast and grocery shopping with Yancy). It’s a long drive from Seattle to Cheney (next to Spokane) by yourself, but it was a beautiful day and I enjoyed listening to music and cruising. Once I got to my friend Paula’s house we took her car into Spokane to the Bloomsday race expo to pick up our race numbers. We stopped by the TNT booth to say hi. During the conversation I realized that this was one of the running coaches who ran with me for a while during my marathon in San Francisco! Small world! I remember her cheerful attitude, but didn’t know she was from WA and never thought I’d run into her again. Very cool.Β  πŸ™‚

Paula and I met up after that with our friend Lena. The three of us spent a lot of time together in high school and are all around the same age. It’s great to spend time with old friends! We had dinner at a great place called Tomato Street, then went for desert at Coldstone. We were having a nice time and weren’t quite ready to call it a night so ended up renting movies and heading back to Paula’s place in Cheney. We watched “Bridesmaids” which was little raunchy but really funny. Paula was such a sweet hostess and actually let me have her bead while she slept on an air mattress.

We got up Sunday morning and rode the bus to Spokane. The bus was so packed that we had to stand at the front! Once in Spokane I got in line with the “orange” starting group and ended up waiting about 40 minutes. Unfortunately Paula was in a different starting group so I was “by myself” with thousands of other people waiting for the race to start. I heard there were over 50,000 racers this year!!! In Spokane, Washington of all places! The weather was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky. And I was way overdressed. The race went well enough for me, but I got VERY hot. Was feeling sorry for myself before the half way mark, but continued on. I finished in one hour 45 minutes, which is exactly a 14 minutes per mile pace. No blisters, but very tired feet and lightly sunburned face. I got my finishers shirt (a unique and top secret design every year) and really liked the colors. After meeting back up with Paula, we walked back tot he bus. This time we actually got to sit. πŸ™‚ After showers we were feeling pretty good! We watched another movie (Unknown) then went out for dinner and drinks. It was really nice to spend a mostly relaxing weekend (besides the 12k run) with good friends. Yancy was bacheloring it at home. I missed him, but it’s probably good to have some time apart every once in a while.

This morning I got back on the road by 8:15 and drove pretty much straight back to Seattle (only one break) and made it in time to meet Yancy for lunch. We sat outside in the sunshine at Paddy Coynes. Heading home from there was a headache because I got stuck in Fremont traffic when the bridge was up. It was really hot too! But a beautiful day for a drive. The cat was pretty happy to see me home. We took a nap together. πŸ™‚ And now it’s almost time for bed again. I think I’ll sleep very well tonight in my own bed. Tomorrow morning I get to have a physical and meet my new primary care doctor. Apparently with our new insurance I’m only allowed to see one doctor… so I really hope I like her! I’ve got a few errands to run and some house cleaning to do so tomorrow will fly by and the rest of the week will be busy. I have four more boxes to unpack… but not sure what to do with the stuff. We have a dresser from Ikea, but still need to assemble it. That project will make the bedroom and the living room less cluttered. I’m so looking forward to being completely done with the move!!! I need to refocus on my fitness and diet! And learning a new job. πŸ™‚ Here’s a few pictures from this weekend:


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