Easy weekend

It’s been a wonderful weekend! The sunny weather really helps. Seattle is SOOOO beautiful on days like this! Yesterday morning was the kick-off party for Team ‘n Training. We’re so excited for another fun season of triathlon training and raising money for a good cause. Yancy and I went out last night for an amazing dinner at the local Greek restaurant. Great date place! And a good walk. I am really loving this neighborhood! The sacrifices we’ve made to live in Seattle seem insignificant. There are flowers and beautiful yards/homes all around. The views are amazing when you drive or walk anywhere. It’s fun to see so many people out walking in the neighborhood with their pets or friends or kids. Our new home, as small and old fashioned as it is still has tons of charm. Today we get to do housework and laundry(washer is temporarily down) and then walk at GreenLake tonight with a friend. Maybe next weekend we’ll go check out the zoo. I am such a lucky girl!

I’m also going to attempt some weeding and yard work today. I have A TON to learn! There’s a particular plant I’ve been looking at and can’t tell if it’s a flower or weed. It does look suspiciously like a dandelion, but definitely different. Maybe I’ll leave it alone for a while and see if any flowers pop up. Wish me luck! šŸ™‚


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